About Us


Crucible Wines is a family owned winery founded in 2010 in Seattle’s SODO industrial district. We focus on producing red wines with character and balance, as well as a few stylish white wines. Crucible is a working winery in a warehouse that serves as our production facility as well as our tasting room. The entire process from crushing to bottling happens here among wine tasting and tours.

Our goal is to craft wines that reflect the vineyards we source our grapes from and the techniques we use to shape them. Careful attention is paid to every detail during the process and both tradition and ingenuity play big rolls. As a result our wines are often blended in small amounts to highlight the interesting characteristics that they possess and to focus and balance the tastes and textures that make wines great.



Darryn O’Shea has worked in the Washington wine industry for 15+ years, starting out at a small Seattle wine shop, followed by a sales position at a local wine distributer that focused on Washington wines. It was during the sales job that he met Eric Dunham and Trey Busch, two Walla Walla winemakers that greatly influenced him in his love of wine with their passion and down to earth sensibilities about winemaking. In early 2003 Darryn made the jump from salesman to winemaker when he started working at a small winery in Seattle’s Southpark neighborhood. The hands-on opportunity to learn the process was invaluable, as he learned both the art and science of winemaking.

Eventually Darryn crafted his own unique methods and styles to bring his wines to life. It was through the mentoring and generosity of these wineries and winemakers that he was able to realize his own vision of what wine could be.

Tasting Room Hours

Open Thursday – Friday 5pm-8pm and Saturday 2pm-5pm